Credit repurchase without supporting documents

Reduce your monthly loan payments by using credit redemption without proof, an important step to obtain a financing estimate.

Credit repurchase without providing supporting documents

Credit repurchase without providing supporting documents

The repurchase of credit is a banking operation which can allow a borrower to redeem his various credits in progress, it can be about a mortgage, consumer credits or quite simply of all the credits in progress. The interest of the operation can differ according to the type of repurchase, that is to say that a borrower who wishes to have a mortgage taken over will wish to take advantage of current rates to save on interest. On the other hand, a consumer with several current credits will wish to group them to reduce his monthly payments and take advantage of a single rate, just like a monthly payment which will be reduced.

The repurchase of loans however implies to file a file with a specialized establishment, to provide a list of documents to validate the obtaining of the financing and to make sure that the borrower is able to repay the new installments. These documents are mandatory for obtaining financing but are not for comparative procedures, which allows you to quickly and easily simulate a credit buyout without proof.

When to provide supporting documents?

When to provide supporting documents?

Obtaining a loan repurchase is done in three stages, the first is to file a simulation request, this allows you to quickly know if the project is feasible and to have an overview of the loan conditions of the banks. The advantage of simulating is not having to commit or even to move since the simulation is done free of charge and without online commitment.

The next step after the simulation is the instruction of the file, it is at this precise moment that the bank will ask for a more or less long list of supporting documents among which we find:

  • Last 3 account statements
  • Last 3 pay slips
  • Proof of current credits (deadlines)
  • Tax notice
  • National Identity Card
  • Proof of address

Depending on the profile of the borrower, other documents may be requested to validate the financing. It is only when the file is complete and the advisor has realized its feasibility that he can decide on an agreement.

At the time of the agreement, the edition of the credit contract offer is made, that is to say that the bank will send by mail in a credit repurchase contract under the conditions set out during the financing study. The consumer has a period of reflection from the signing of the offer.

How to simulate your loan repurchase without proof?

The simulation is done directly online, you just have to complete the information on the form, taking care to specify the actual amounts, this allows you to receive financing proposals close to the conditions that will be applied in the credit buyback contract. Important: no supporting documents will be requested at the online simulation stage.

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