Money Loans For Unsecured Employees, Solutions When Not Payday

How often do I lose my pay before my payday? Or a new one, but your paycheck just passes by? Take advantage of loans for unsecured employees. How? Check it out below!

Every employee who works at any company must have felt their paycheck in the middle of the month, no matter what their nominal salary. This could be due to a lack of money to cover your daily needs, house or boarding expenses, children’s school, or credit card bills. With the rising cost of living, the rising demand for goods, people are thinking of finding a solution to survive the coming paycheck.

Actually you don’t need to be confused because there is a loan for unsecured employees that is the solution. This type of loan is still very much unknown and has never been heard of. For those of you who don’t know, TimiKimi has a full review of this employee loan. Let’s go!

Unsecured Employee Loans, What Are the Terms?

Unsecured Employee Loans, What Are the Terms?

Employee loans are, in fact, a loan product for employees both in the company and in government. These employee loans are available to meet your needs, such as home/board/car installment payments, children’s school fees, business capital, or other urgent needs.

You can apply for it through your bank, loan service provider, or fintech (financial technology), to help you with your finances. Well, here are some Indonesian banks that provide employee loans among them:

Good Credit Fleet Payroll

Good Credit products Payroll is a credit facility provided for customers working in a company, whose payouts are through Good Credit banks. These funds can be used for personal consumption needs, such as home renovation costs, children’s school fees, medical expenses, and vacation funds. You can borrow at least $ 5 million to $ 100 million. While the maximum tenor is up to 5 years. The advantages of Good Credit Payroll are:

  • Abundance in utilization. You can use it for a variety of consumer needs, such as tuition, wedding fees, venture capital, or vacation.
  • Flexible in the payment period.
  • You can take a tenor for a maximum of up to 5 years, depending on your ability to charge.
  • Credit is just 7 business days.

Payroll Savings Account

This product is a service from the Good Finance bank for Consumer Services (companies, individuals, agencies) in managing payroll, THR and Bonus and other financial needs that are routine for service users. The benefits of Payroll Savings Security include:

  • Easy payroll for all employees in the enterprise.
  • Practical and safe and time-efficient without the need for manual repairs.
  • Have a corporate account at Good Finance Bank.

Payroll Independent Products is available to its customers

Payroll Independent Products is available to its customers

With its quick and easy process, Good Lender lends from $ 5 million to $ 200 million in light installments. This product is dedicated to employees who have already made their income through Bank Good Lender, but the company where they work does not have a Mitrakarya floor. In addition, a Good Lender provides up to 5 years of credit term and life insurance protection. Self-payroll has the following advantages:

  • Without a guarantee, the cician is light.
  • Credit limit up to $ 20 million.
  • Credit term is up to 3 years. For employees who only pay through Bank Good Lender, you have a 5 year credit period.
  • May be paid at any time, in whole or in part.
  • Limit lift (top-up) facilities available.

Lack of Employee Loans

  • If you lose your job, you are more likely to get bad credit. However, do not panic, stay calm and cooperative with the lender. You can contact and discuss your issue and find a solution with the bank.
  • The possibility of delaying an employee loan repayment does not exist, as the salaries received will be automatically deducted by the bank or lending institution.

In addition to lending to unsecured employees, there is another place you can count on getting a loan when you are in a desperate situation by applying through E-Money. A loan of up to $ 20 million with a grace period of 180 days. The application process is very simple as you simply download the E-Money application for a loan.

Regardless of the type of loan, make sure you borrow the funds accordingly. Don’t be too lazy to lend a high loan when you can’t afford it.

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