10 amazing website design portfolios to stimulate your brain

All graphic designers and web designers should have a beautifully designed portfolio. This is one of the best ways to stand out from newbies and show off their professionalism. Many designers uniquely create a web design portfolio to showcase their best work to their clients and promote their skills.

A navigable and unique place web design portfolio Will tell you a lot about the design aspects besides the technical perspective of building a website. This will give you a great idea of ​​what kind of abilities the designer has in store. Apart from this, the portfolio stands out for the professionalism, attitude and passion of the designer. Creating a great portfolio will help all designers build credibility and relationships with their clients.

10 amazing web design portfolio

If you want to build the best website portfolio for yourself, you can check out some of the portfolios currently available on the internet. These unique and best website design portfolio examples will surely provide you with plenty of ideas for your own portfolio. Check them.

1. Alex Coven

Web designer and graphic designer Alex Coven has a great portfolio. Its website has a hamburger menu located on the left side and features smooth animation and scrolling effects. Alex also uses his portfolio to highlight all of his projects with full screen images and also allows individuals to learn more about his work through his case study work.

2. Ben Mingo

Ben Mingo is a Californian graphic designer. He has one of the best design portfolio websites where he displays his unique work and uses an out of the ordinary strategy to magnify the user experience. It replaced the mouse wheel with a drag-and-click option to browse the entire website.

3. Etienne Godiard

Etienne Godiard is a French professional graphic designer. Compared to others, Etienne has a truly unique portfolio of websites. The entire website is powered by WordPress, where people have to scroll through the products in the portfolio by scrolling down or up.

4. Olivier Guilleux

Oliver Guilleux is a French freelance WordPress developer, and his website is powered by WordPress as well. Apart from that, he also uses his own design for his portfolio website. Guilleux loves vibrant shades and gradients, which you will find throughout his site. Apart from that, it also uses a fully animated background.

5. Eugene So

Eugene is a Rhode Island web designer. She has a unique graphic designer portfolio website that has a modern style split page design. Eugene’s half of Eugene’s website displays photos of her project, and the other half has information about her work. All the products in its portfolio open in the same window without any loading delay.

6. Kuon Yagi

Kuon Yagi is a professional UX and Web Designer from Tokyo, Japan. Yagi’s portfolio stands out as one of the best web portfolio examples for any beginner or hobbyist. Its website is filled with vibrant nuance and animation, as well as an interactive background. Also, the transition effects are one of the main reasons that distinguish its portfolio.

7. Marco Marin

This Italian UI & UX designer also has a unique portfolio. Marco Marino uses a static non-scrolling site and an animated background. Marino is huge in minimalism as his website homepage only uses 20 words. The portfolio page is the core feature of Marco’s website, and it only displays the name of the projects he’s worked on.

8. Karen’s song

Karen is a user experience and visual designer and works with many well-known companies, such as Ford and Microsoft. Song’s website only features a minimum, which displays all of his past work. His site has a main image gallery option that shows a bit of information about each image as you hover over them.

9. Daniel Polévoy

Daniel is a professional and skilled product designer, and his website uses a scrollable design, highlighting all of his past projects. You can see all of his projects one at a time as you continue to scroll down. On the other hand, its website is powered by WordPress as well.

10. Julie Bonneymoy

Julie Bonneymoy is a freelance web designer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her portfolio features a fun welcome message, an animated background, and an original design. It will start to improve a lot as you keep scrolling down. Julie’s website also has plenty of transition animations.

Useful tools that will help you design better and faster

When you’ve decided to create one of the best web design portfolios for yourself, you need a great tool for the job. It’s here that Wondershare Mockitt It is the best software for creating beautiful portfolios. Mockitt provides powerful tools to help you build one of the best hassle-free design portfolio websites. Take a look below!

Wondershare Mockitt is one of the best software for creating beautiful wallets. (SCREENSHOT)
  • Organizational chart tool: The tool will allow you to understand the progress and flow of your design. Apart from that, it will also tell you how far you have come in your project. In turn, it will help you send a clear message to your clients when the project is complete.
  • Design tool: The design tool can provide you with real-time collaboration with your design team. It comes with a diverse range of vector tools, widgets, pen tools, and layout tools. You can easily set design standards and specifications for your design team so they can follow them.
  • Prototyping tool: This particular tool can help you create a mockup that looks appealing to consumers. The tool comes with a drag and drop option as well as a wide range of templates and widgets.

Creating or building a web design portfolio takes time, energy, and patience. It is essential to create a portfolio that can easily grab the attention of users or consumers. Whether you want to upgrade a current wallet or create a brand new one, you can use Wondershare Mockitt For the job. The software is packed with unique features and looks like other design tools you come across in the market.

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