8 best free web tools you didn’t know you needed

The wonderful and fantastic World Wide Web is still wonderful after all these years. And there are still many useful and powerful sites to be discovered. Here are eight that deserve a place in your favorites bar.

Send large files – no registration required

For those times when you’ve got a gnarly file to send and emails just don’t cut it, there’s WeTransfer. In a few clicks, let’s get started: select your file, designate your recipient, and. . . well, that’s about it. There is no need to officially register for the service, and you can send files up to 2 GB which will be available for up to seven days.

Simple screenshots

Need to retrieve an excerpt (or more) from a web page? Look no further than the excellent Nimbus capture tool. Available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, Nimbus does a short job of capturing screenshots. Select a section of a site, which is visible in your browser window or even the entire page. There are several additional options as well, and you can’t beat the price.

Lots of photos, lots of videos

A great photo or video can add just the right amount of pop to your next project. And when it comes to finding high-quality, free options, Pixabay is the reigning king of content. Boasting over 1.5 million images and videos, the site does a great job of removing most amateur nonsense while still providing options for just about any type of topic you could possibly need.

Notes that make poof

There are plenty of ways to communicate with people these days, but if you want to send something quickly, privately, and with the ability to self-destruct after it’s been read, give Privnote a try. Featuring a familiar sticky note interface, it simply lets you delete your post, choose how long it is to be available, and set an optional password. You will get a private link to the note that you can send to your recipient by copy and paste or by email.

Pack your programs

If you’ve just got a new Windows PC, or just need a quick way to get started with a bunch of popular software, drop by Ninite to see what’s available. The site lets you choose and click web browsers, email apps, multimedia programs, utilities, and more, then bundle it all into one installer that runs on its own. Grab a coffee (or a nap) and return to a well-stocked machine.

Convert anything to anything else

Even in our futuristic world of 2020, it’s pretty painful to deal with the myriad formats of documents, images, videos and sounds that circulate. Let Zamzar sort out the details the next time you need to convert something. The site says it supports over 1,100 formats, which sounds downright overkill, but in the end, it’s an easy way to convert a WAV file to an MP3 file or a QuickTime file to MP4. Just download the source, choose the new format, and click the Convert Now button.

How tight is your site?

Your website is your number one seller. How it works ? Run it through HubSpot’s free Website Grader tool to see how you can improve page size, load times, scripts, SEO, security, and more. It’s a good way to get quick feedback while you tinker with your designs, offering easy-to-understand recommendations to make sure your online presence looks its best.

Control your messaging

Even if we don’t think about it, most of us spend a large part of the day writing. Make every word of this company-wide email count first through the Hemingway web tool. This will give you a readability score and highlight phrases and phrases that might need a bit of polishing, all in real time. Just be warned: you will spending time trying to fix things. It’s human nature, after all.

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