Essential tips for graphic designers to be successful on Instagram

Standing out from a crowd of talented graphic designers is a tall order. Not only is a presence on Instagram much more than creating an engaging feed, but also many other factors to increase visibility and engagement. To establish a profitable Instagram presence, graphic designers must not only showcase their portfolio of design creations on Instagram, but also take steps to optimize their accounts. Some practical tips to get the most out of Instagram:

Optimize your Instagram biography

The bio section is vital for all Instagram users, especially if you are a graphic designer who wants to use Instagram to boost your online presence to attract business. The function of the biography is to provide a brief statement about who you are, what you do, and what makes you different. You need to work within the 150 character limit for all information including your name, description of your skills, relevant hashtags and a link to your website as well as a compelling CTA. With a business account, you have additional space to include your address, phone numbers, email address, and other contact information. The trick is to make the bio section informative and neat.

Interact with the graphic design community

You need to use Instagram not only to attract customers, but also to interact with your peers and industry professionals. Make sure you like, comment on, and share interesting posts from other designers you fund. Comment in a way that reflects your expertise and projects your domain authority. Make sure you participate in building the community with authentic, incisive, and honest observations. Show that you are ready to debate graphic design points without getting personal in any way.

Engage your followers creatively

Not only is it important to post graphic designs of exceptional quality to showcase your skills, but you should also take steps to promote your personal brand by encouraging users to follow and engage with you. The higher the engagement, the better the loyalty and top-notch recall, and you also get more prominence in your follower feeds. Some of the most effective ways to build engagement include writing eye-catching captions that not only serve to add value to the images you post, but also engage viewers. Asking questions or conducting opinion polls is also good for interacting with users, especially if you can display your unique sense of humor as well. You can also buy Instagram likes and comments if you want to boost your engagement rate fast.

Make it a point to share interesting content. This not only shows that you are in the game, but that you also appreciate the good work of others in the design community. Also, ask your followers to contribute user-generated content showcasing your designs. This creates better engagement and also promotes authenticity and credibility. Increase the engagement rate by running great contests and offering inexpensive prizes that are popular with participants.

Collaborate with other graphic designers

Trading what you’re good at with the skills you lack is a great way to interact with your peers in the graphic design community. You can offer to do something you’re good at in exchange for a reciprocal offer from another designer who may give you something you can’t do well. This type of collaboration can make it easier for you to offer a full range of services to your customers. You can also identify Instagram hubs that feature the work of different graphic designers to showcase your work. You can also include a trendy but relevant hashtag in your posts to ensure better visibility with people who may not be familiar with your work.

Make liberal use of CTAs

If people are just staring at your posts and doing nothing, your Instagram efforts may be in vain. You need to include clear and compelling CTAs not only in your bio section, but also in your posts based on what you want your followers to do. For example, if you run a contest or invite users to contribute content, you can invite them to perform specific actions in your posts. Likewise, you can ask them to vote for their favorite graphic design, read your latest blog post or check out an update to your profile, or just about anything else to promote engagement. Make sure the language of your CTA is clear and persuasive.


While spontaneity is an expected quality of graphic designers, in order to successfully generate visibility and engagement on Instagram, you need to be well organized and have a consistent approach. By planning your diet, you can get the results you want with less hassle. By dividing your content into specific categories and scheduling content to celebrate special days or events, you can be better prepared to better market yourself. The different types of content you post help avoid user fatigue and maintain better recall.

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