Naija graphic designers win Facebook community accelerator

Naija Graphic Designers (“NGD”), a technology-driven community of practice for creative professionals founded by Daniel Emeka and Olaolu Obende in 2008, wins the world-renowned Facebook Community Acceleration Program, a Hotly contested Facebook leadership aimed at expanding the positive impact of innovative communities around the world.

NGD is an innovative community for creative artists in Africa. Originally and managed from Nigeria, NGD serves as a hub for experienced creative professionals and upcoming creative artists, providing an interactive platform for knowledge exchange, training, grooming and benchmarking. Additionally, NGD serves as a facilitator for access to over 123,000 community members comprising creative designers from multiple disciplines, creative enthusiasts and a host of other business leaders across the globe looking to hire. graphic designers, in a country where access to professionals is increasingly difficult.

Building on the acceleration program, Facebook would offer personalized training with access to one-on-one mentoring and organize a strategic partnership for Naija graphic designers, with the aim of improving the impact of NGDs and developing innovative offers relevant to scaling the business of Naija graphic designers and more importantly, optimizing its value proposition for the ecosystem and the global community at large. In addition, Facebook, along with GlobalGiving, is offering a $ 50,000 grant to NGD to deepen its new initiatives with potential access to additional funding for enhanced development. Juliet Godwin, Director and Senior Trustee of NGD, who will spend the next five months learning and collaborating with global experts from different spheres and geographies, hopes to leverage Facebook’s Accelerator Program to strengthen NGD’s community of practice across the board. Nigeria and the wider African continent, organize the partnerships necessary to advance the strategic goals of the community and, more importantly, deepen the value propositions for its growing members, including young talent, green horns looking for career opportunities in the creative design industry.

In announcing the award, Facebook noted; “In 2008, Naija Graphic Designers was established to give a voice to creative designers and share practical approaches to being a successful creative in Nigeria. In the community, creative designers in Nigeria are able to learn, share experiences, participate in challenges, collaborate, grow and flourish as creative entrepreneurs. Now with over 123,000 members, many community members have secured jobs through exposure to design challenges and elevated the practice of creative design.

Speaking on the award, founder Daniel Emeka said; “It was a great and exciting trip, but not without challenges. I am proud of our growing members who, over the past decade, have proven the power of collaboration, rekindled the creativity of young people and channeled their energy into productive activities that help grow our economy and create an environment social positive. I am excited about the future, as NGD hopes to revolutionize the practice of creative design and create value for all stakeholders. “

Also commenting on the Prize, ‘Laolu Obende noted; “I would like to thank Facebook for this recognition. It validates the fascinating potentials of NGD, creates a new global learning experience for our directors and, most importantly, opens up new opportunities for our growing members, to whom we dedicate this award. Therefore, I congratulate our members on the award and also congratulate the winning peers in Africa; Get ready for Jamb UTME, Protect The Child Foundation, Wanderlust Dairies Limited, Mothers Kids and More (MKM), Natural Hair Babes, The Official Ocean View / Slangkop group, Tales of Nigerians, Naija Nurses Forum, Nigerian Teachers, Portfolio 9 Community , South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum and Kenya Teachers Notice Board. NGD’s pride and strength lies in its members, which is why Daniel and I will continue to seek innovative ways to deliver value to our members, including a commitment to our vision of elevating the practice of creative design. remains our most fascinating motivation. Working with a reputable global institution like Facebook strengthens our strategy of forging global alliances and partnerships to create value for our community and the wider creative ecosystem.

NGD has proven to be a training center for thousands of creative professionals, helping to train and mentor young people for paid employment and entrepreneurship, with thousands of its members sought after by media and entertainment companies. local and global tech companies and creative agencies while hundreds have grown into entrepreneurs creating jobs for teeming unemployed youth.

NGD’s immediate initiatives will aim to improve collaborations within the creative community, leveraging Facebook’s platform, optimizing access to design resources for media agencies and direct businesses, including small , medium and large companies, while engaging creative artists from multiple design disciplines on projects around the world to expand their entrepreneurial potential by giving them access to more sources of income, says Emeka Maduaeke, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NGD. This initiative will help improve local content, in a country like Nigeria where skills gaps continue to erode trust in native service providers.

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